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Wes Craven is Abe Snake The Fireworks Man

We would like to apologize for our absence the last two weeks.  Life changes have led us astray, but during our sabbatical we uncovered a true gem.  The Fireworks Man or Angela The Fireworks Woman – which the latter makes no sense as a title – is not a gem because it’s good cinema, but rather an expose on a known director’s seedy beginnings.
The Fireworks Man is a 1975 Porno – a new arena to CineNiche.  When you search this film, Abe Snake comes up as its director.  No one has ever came forth to declare the name, instead speculation falls under two possibilities: Peter Locke, the film’s producer or the more likely candidate Wes Craven who has a cameo in the film.  While interviewing Porn Kid from Odd Obsession we learned a myriad of seedy facts about our beloved horror maker.  After Wes quit teaching and met Sean Cunningham they made a soft core sex mockumentary called Together (1971), which Sean calls a piece of sh*t and will never release in the US.  The duo then raised some cash to …