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Where werewolves make us laugh: An American Werewolf In London

Werewolves are wanderers like vampires, but they have the benefit of leading a normal life with the exception of three nights a month.A werewolf is the release of our id.The person transforms when the moon is full, the time of the month when oceans pull back and the polarity of the world is in flux.The werewolf is our release, it is when all the troubles of life pile up and we can’t take it anymore and we let the wolf out.It is the easy way out, instead of dealing with trouble and pain we just allow our darkness to take over all of our bodily functions.The werewolf just kills everything in its way.It is an animal; it is our animalistic-primordial state.It is when we put ourselves on auto-pilot and allow ourselves to live only by instinct alone.This can seem like a source of freedom, but it is also de-evolving.We are a progressive species; we are the only animal whose brain grows before the skull does.We need intelligence before we need protection.So, it may seem like a werewolf is the…

Audition For Your Role In Hell

This film has us stumped, not in the sense that we don’t have any theories on its ending, but in the way that the experience was so perfect it has left us with writers block.
The film begins with Aoyama’s wife dying and his seven long years of loneliness.This leads him to need to remarry – “men can’t maintain without female support.”He and his friend Yoshikawa set up a fake film audition for a project called “Tomorrow’s Heroine.”Asami is one of the applicants and through spilt coffee Aoyama is completely smitten.The titular event is creative in the way it is edited – a montage of mixed questions and answers (i.e. have you ever been involved with the adult film industry? This is the scar from my first suicide).The only straight forward audition is Asami’s.Over the course of what seems like weeks the two finally stay the night together in what we consider the biggest scare within the film – commitment.It ends badly, full of regret.After their tryst Asami vanishes, this is the point in th…