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Home Sweet Home Invasion

We were not expecting much from David Morlet's Home Sweet Home.  Due to Alexandra Aja's transition to western filmmaking and the overall tonal shift that has occurred in his films since working in Hollywood, we had it ingrained in our minds that the same fate would befall any other director of the French Extremeties.  Morlet's Mutants is a suspenseful semi-zombie ride.  He uses his skill here to reinvent the home invasion film.

Whether it's Ils, The Strangers, Straw Dogs, Funny Games, or even The Purge all home invasion films begin with getting to know the family.  Most horror dictates that the audience should learn about its victims and gain a connection prior to their destruction.  It is believed that our caring of them and their lives before the disaster will make the impact of their situation even more dire.

This is true, nearly all the greatest horror films follow this formula.  No one would feel for Reagon had they not seen her as a normal girl prior to her poss…