A New Procrastination

So you've spent 20 minutes on Facebook, a half an hour going through your news feeds, and you are waiting another 20 minutes for a life in Candy Crush (insert any fad game here: Angry Birds, Clay Jam, Temple Run, Song Pop, Words With Friends, Flow Free ect.), and you still don't feel like doing anything useful with your life.  Well here's a new way to waste time: The IMDB Game.

At first glance The IMDB Game may seem like its only for cinephiles, but that is not the case.  Sure film geeks may do a bit better, but anyone can play.

The Rules:

Pick a random number 1-100, or two random numbers 1-100.  Now go to the IMDB Top 250 and see the corresponding film, then go to the Bottom 100 and see what terrible movie you chose.  With the two movie titles link them any way you can.  You can use actors, directors, screenwriters, and crew members.

Here's an example: 
If you choose 46 you will get Citizen Kane from the top 250 and The Blade Master from the bottom 100.  Let the game begin.  Joe D'Amato directed The Blade Master and Emmanuelle In America which starred Laura Gemser.  She had a role in Voyage Of The Damned with Orson Wells who created Citizen Kane.

*46.) The Blade Master -> Joe D'Amato -> Emmanuelle In America -> Laura Gemser -> Voyage Of The Damned -> Orson Wells -> Citizen Kane

Now you try.  Comment below on the ties you've made.  And remember you can do that important life stuff later.

*The lists change frequently.  Upon writing this The Blade Master has been moved to 45, while Citizen Kane still sat at 46.


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